University of Kentucky College of Agriculture

Forages for Dairy Cattle

Corn Silage

Choosing a Corn Silage Variety

Common Questions Regarding Aflatoxin in Corn Grain and Silage

Drought Impact on Corn Yields

Important Steps During the Silage Fermentation Process

Reminders for Corn Silage Chopping Time

Silo Face Management

Tips for Harvesting High Quality Corn Silage

Using Drought-Stressed Corn: Harvesting, Storage, Feeding, Pricing, and Marketing


Dealing with Forage Shortages

Dealing with the Drought Considerations

Developing Plans to Deal with Late Harvested Forages

If the Lack of Rainfall has Resulted in a Forage Shortfall or the Need to Chop Corn for Silage Early

Short Forage...What to Do?  Options Available Using an Example Herd

Short Quality Forages to Feed Milking Cows - Summertime Solutions

Wet Cooler Weather Impacted Forage Nutrient Content


Determining Forage Needs

Forage Acreage Governed by Yield and Quality Harvested

Planning the Yearly Forage and Commodity Needs for a Dairy Herd


Grazing Management

Grazing Basics for Dairy Herds

Managing a Grazing System for a Milking Dairy Herd

Pasture for Dairy Cattle: Challenges and Opportunities


Importance of Forage Quality

"Fresh" Forage Research

Interpreting Forage Quality Reports

Reading a Forage Analysis Report

Spring - Time to Start Again - Spring Forage Decisions Affect Dairy Profits for the Upcoming Year

Springtime Decisions Impact Profit for the Next Year

Springtime Forage Management Directly Impacts a Dairy's Profitability


Purchasing Hay

Considerations When Purchasing Hay for the Dairy Milking Herd

Forage Myths are Costly

Quality of Hay You Feed Affects Your Bottom Line


Sampling Forages

Interpreting a Forage Analysis

Why Use a Probe When Taking Hay Samples