University of Kentucky College of Agriculture

December 2012

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Are You Using the DHI "Hot Sheet" to Manage your Herd Somatic Cell Count?

This article looks at an example of how to use your DHI "Hot Sheet".  Managing your herd somatic cell count is very important due to the decrease in the allowable somatic cell count limits.


Calf Diarrhea- New Research into Oral Electrolyte Therapy

Diarrhea still remains the leading cause of preweaned heifer deaths.  In this article learn when to use oral fluid therapy or if intravenous fluids are necessary. 


Why are My Dairy Cows Not Milking As Well This Year?

Determing why cows are not producing as much milk in the fall can be a variety of factors.  Read more about some of the potential factors that might explain why your cows did not rebound like they normally do in the fall.