University of Kentucky College of Agriculture

January 2013

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2012 University of Kentucky Southern Dairy Challenge Team

This fall there were five University of Kentucky students who participated in Southern Dairy Challenge.  These students worked hard to put some of their classroom knowledge to applied use.  The three remaining articles in this issue of Dairy Notes were written by some of those students.


Environmetal Effects on Dairy Calves

Take a look into calf raising.  We usually think about how environment effects our cows but it can also effect the calves in the herd.


The Prevention of Lameness in Dairy Cows by Increasing Cow Comfort

Cow comfort and lameness are usually thought of together and this article looks at some various ways to keep cows comfortable and hopefully increase milk production.


Grazing-An Alternative Forage Harvesting Strategy for Dairy Cows

This article covers some general information about grazing and grazing systems used in Kentucky.