University of Kentucky College of Agriculture

March 2012

Contents of This Issue


What Does the Future Hold for Mastitis Detection Through the Use of Technology?

The use of technology is becoming more and more important even in farming.  Learn how these new features may be the way of the future in regards to mastitis detection.

Why Do My Dairy Calves Not Grow Well After They are Weaned?

Weaned dairy calves are a very important part of the management system in any dairy herd.  Their growth and development is the future of your herd so you want to make sure they get off to a good start.  Read about some factors that can affect the growth of your weaned calves.

Using Peak and Summit Milk to Evaluate Your Dairy's Management Programs

Knowing how to read your DHI records is critical to every dairy operation.  Here are a couple more calculations to look at to make sure your herd is performing to their potential.

The U. S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Cephalosporin Use:  How Will This New Rule Affect KY Dairy Producers?

FDA is concerned that certain extralabel uses of cephalosporins in food animals will lead to resistant strains of bacteria.  Therefore this important class of drugs must be used judiciously in both human and animal medicine to slow the development of resistant organisms.