University of Kentucky College of Agriculture

May 2012

Contents of This Issue


The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and Cephalosporin Use:  How will this New Rule Affect KY Dairy Producers?  Part II

A new FDA regulation is now in effect regarding Cephalosporin extra-label drug usage.  Learn more about what extra-label use is and how this could affect your dairy operation. 


Effect of Heat Stress on Reproduction

Summer seems to be arriving early this year lets learn some of the effects that may have on the reproduction of your dairy herd. 


Early Detection of Potential Nutrition and Management Problems in Dairy Herds Using DHI-Monthly Milk Production and Composition Data

The latest installment in the series of how to use your DHI records.  This article looks at monthly milk production and composition data to determine how your herd is progressing to meet your goals.