University of Kentucky College of Agriculture

October 2012

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Common Questions Regarding Aflatoxin in Corn Grain and Silage

Aflatoxin is a concern to many Kentucky dairy farmers due to the drought conditions this summer. Some of the common questions are listed in this article to help farmers decide if they may have an issue with aflatoxins.


Revisiting Culling Decisions with Changing Market Conditions

Knowing when it is time to cull a cow is difficult because there are many factors to consider. This article looks at calulating her breakeven production level necessary to cover feed costs and looks at the cost to replace her in the herd versus her future income potential.


What is a “Zero Detectable” Level of a Drug and Why is it Important?

The Food and Drug Administration has enacted new regulations regarding illegal drug residues in meat. Dairy farmers need to be aware of these regulations especially when culling dairy cows from their herd.


DAIReXNET Free Webinars

DAIReXNET will be hosting another free webinar on October 8, 2012, about lameness in dairy cattle. To learn about this and other webinars checkout the following website.