University of Kentucky College of Agriculture

North American 4-H Invitation Dairy Quiz Bowl
KY Fair and Exposition Center, Louisville, KY
November 6-7, 2015

The management of the North American Show in Louisville, KY and the contest coordinators would like to invite a dairy quiz bowl team from your state to participate in this year’s contest.  Dairy quiz bowl programs are an excellent teaching tool as well as an opportunity for competition which encourages young men and women to prepare for an in-depth learning experience that benefits them greatly in their future studies and life-long learning skills.

We hope that a team from your state can participate in the fun in 2015.  If you are not responsible for the 4-H dairy education activities of your statewide Dairy Quiz Bowl contest, please forward this email to the appropriate person or contact.  Please note that your state’s entry needs to be received by September 15th at 5 PM EDT.

To enter a team from your state, please complete the following materials found electronically on the web:

  1.  A copy of the completed entry form with original state 4-H Program Leader and State Dairy Team/Event Coordinator signatures and payment in the form of a check (payable to KY 4-H Foundation) must be postmarked by September 15th via the US Postal Service.  Entry forms postmarked past the deadline will be charged a late fee which must be received prior to October 9th or the team will forfeit their chance to compete in the contest.
  2. A completed entry form (other than signature) needs to be sent electronically as an attachment to as a MS Word file. Please do not send the file as a pdf or in another format.  You will receive a return email that I have received your entry.  This entry is due by September 15th at 5 PM eastern daylight time.  If you fly into Louisville, you will need to rent a car for transportation to and from the Expo Center.  Watch for updates.
  3. Teams can submit 10 questions and answers by September 15th to Dr. Warren Gilson at Questions are always included from each state’s submissions for inclusion in the current year’s contest.  Do not submit questions you have submitted in previous years.
  4. After we receive your team’s registration, additional details will be sent electronically to the designated team coaches and state contacts in mid to late October.
  5. Educational programs of Kentucky Cooperative Extension serve all people regardless of race, color, age, sex, religion, disability, or national origin.  University of Kentucky, Kentucky State University, U.S. Department of Agriculture and Kentucky Counties, Cooperating.  Disabilities accommodated with prior notification.  

Items to Note for 2015 – All communication again this year will be via email and the web:

  1. Original signatures needed on entry form:  Again this year, the entry form must be signed by both your state 4-H Program Leader and state Dairy Team/Event Coordinator.  This two-page form should be returned by mail with the check for registration fees and be postmarked by September 15th.  Please plan according to complete this additional step required.  Entry forms received after the deadline will be charged a late fee.
  2. In addition to written test and matches on Saturday, this youth event includes an interactive pizza party after the written test Friday evening and a banquet on Saturday night.  We ask that all teams participate in all of these events.  Fees for 4 team members and one coach for the pizza party, Saturday lunch and Saturday banquet are included in the registration fees.  If you require extra tickets for these events (other than the pizza party), please order at the time of registration.
  3. Questions this year will come from the sources used in previous years.  This year also will include materials on DAIReXNET (  Each year a topic area from DAIReXNET is selected for the youth to concentrate their study efforts.  
  4. The final rounds of the contest are held starting at approximately 2 PM.  We ask that all teams participating in the contest be present for the final rounds to support and round out this learning experience. 
  5. Please note deadlines on the entry form.  Late fees will be assessed for entries and checks received past the deadlines.
In 2015, the topic area selected is feeding and management of calves and heifers and business management.  The following articles and webinars from DAIReXNET have been selected (  
Calf and Heifer Management
  • DAIReXNET Webinar entitled “ Meeting Heifer Nutrition Goals” by Dr. Bob James
  • DAIReXNET articles:
    • Getting Dairy Calves Off to a Good Start — The SIP Principle with Colostrum
    • Managing Dairy Calves and Heifers during the Winter Months
    • Rumen Development in the Dairy Calf
    • Early Identification of Sick Dairy Calves Important to Their Survival and Future Milk Production

Business Management

  • DAIReXNET Webinar entitled “ Economic Benchmarks for Dairies:  Eight Rules You Cannot Break” by Gary Sipiorski
  • DAIReXNET articles:
    • Building Family Business Relations
    • Building a Dairy Farm team
    • Evaluating Performance and Providing Feedback to Employees
    • Including Employees in Decision-Making Process
    • What is Your Farm’s Future